Food News: California Tortilla Burrito Elito Card

From Monday, Feb 16th to Sunday, March 15th get double points on all purchases (except giftcards and catering orders) when using your Burrito Elito card at California Tortilla.  $1 spent equals 1 point typically.  50points gets you $5 burrito bucks.  The Burrito Elito card is free and is just a smart way to benefit repeat customers.  So from now until March 15th, spending just $25 will get you your $5 bonus.

burrito elito card and receipt

Just have the cashier swipe your card with each purchase.  You can follow your balance on  I just carry over my balance with each visit and I’m up to $40 Burrito Bucks on the card (although it’s taken months).  Tell the office that you are making a Cali Tortilla run and take orders.  A 20% return on your money, can’t beat it.

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