Food News: New Grande Quesadilla at Taco Bell

I like the variety of new items that come from Taco Bell.  It seems as though every month there is some new featured item to sample.  New to the Taco Bell menu is the Grande Quesadilla.  

Taco Bell Logo and Tagline

The wizards over at Taco Bell didn’t need to stretch their minds too far with this one.  Quesadillas have been menu regulars for years now and this new, bigger version hopes to cater to a hungrier crowd.  As a matter of fact, the Grande Quesadilla was a “new” limited time item a couple of years ago.  I guess every once in a while Taco Bell will dust off an old idea and see how the market reacts in a new year.  Way to think outside the bun.

Grande Quesadilla from Taco Bell (steak)

The New Grande Quesadilla is made with thick panadero bread, a three cheese blend (pepperjack, cheddar and mozzarella) and a spicy jalapeno sauce.  Get your Grande Quesadilla with grilled carne asada steak or marinated chicken.

I hope to try this new, or once new, Taco Bell Grande Quesadilla soon and give my impressions.


5 responses to “Food News: New Grande Quesadilla at Taco Bell

  1. Why don’t they just get over it and make something with every damn ingredient they have?

  2. Carne asada steak

    which is spanish for pot roast steak?

    Looking forward to a full blown review of this, good job on the fish sandwich review.

  3. Thanks hancock.tom…

    The carne asada steak in the quesadillas at Taco Bell are basically marinated pieces of grilled steak. I remember having this specific Grande Quesadilla a couple years ago. I’ll try it again soon and give you my thoughts.

  4. It looks like a modern torta. Why don’t they just make a torta already? I guess that would be the bun they have been trying to think outside of.

  5. Yeah seriously…Why haven’t they gone the torta route yet?

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