Food News: Big Mac Snack Wrap in Canada

The McDonald’s Big Mac has gone through a bit of a makeover.  The McD’s line of Snack Wraps has a new member called the Mac Snack Wrap.  From QSRMag:

The Mac Snack Wrap will be available at participating McDonald’s restaurants in Canada, from March 17 to May 18. This new menu item combines McDonald’s delicious 100 percent pure beef, Big Mac special sauce, lettuce, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, pickles, and onions on a warm flour tortilla for $1.89 plus applicable taxes.

Big Mac Snack Wrap (Canada)Let’s see if this new snack wrap hits the States sometime soon.  I’m not sure about a burger in a wrap but it’s worth a shot.  GrubGrade readers in Canada please let us know your impressions.  I wonder what Big Mac enthusiast Don Gorske thinks of all of this?


7 responses to “Food News: Big Mac Snack Wrap in Canada

  1. I love wraps and even added them to my menu but I don’t know how I feel about a burger wrap. Beef can go in a wrap but then it’s more a gyro. With some Greek sauce…..mmmmmmm, that would be yummy.

  2. I’m big on the wraps too, best thing I’ve gotten from a McDonalds.

  3. Seems like kind of a messy proposition, seeing how sloppy some Mickey D’s preparation can be. Should be interesting!

  4. You should never touch a classic! Wraps are good but I don’t know about a Big Mac on a wrap. I’ll reserve final judgement on it if it ever makes it to the USA.

  5. I just had one. The taste is the same as a Big Mac but there’s something to be said for that squishy sensation of squeezing the sandwich in to your mouth. Can’t beat the price for a cheap hit of Big Mac goodness.

  6. I got a chance to try the Big Mac wrap at a McDonalds in Michigan City, IN last summer, and it was yummy!!! I liked it better than the original Big Mac. I hope McDonalds makes it available everywhere in the U.S.

  7. Just had one for lunch – and I’m a believer! This might get my butt into a Macdonalds more often. It’s BRILLIANT!
    It’s half of a quarter pounder patty inside, apparently. You !don’t! get that horrid sticks-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth bun. It’s just totally the right size for lunch for me – and squishy, crunchy yummy! Good one, Macdonalds!

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