Food News: Quiznos New Toasty Torpedo Sandwiches

In what seems to be a counter strike to the $5 Foot Long at Subway, Quiznos has brought out the heavy artillery.  Quiznos has fired back with their Toasty Torpedoes.  

Quiznos Toasty Torpedoes

Our chefs have created a whole new way to eat sandwiches. Toasty Torpedoes over a foot of Quiznos flavor served on our slim, sleek ciabatta bread. Made with the same butcher-quality meats and cheeses you love on our subs in five delicious new flavor combinations. They’re waiting for you.

The 5 Toasty Torpedoes:

Pesto Turkey: Turkey, mozzarella, chopped lettuce and tomato, Basil Pesto, Red Wine Vinaigrette

Italian: Pepperoni, capicola, ham, mozzarella, chopped lettuce and tomato, Red Wine Vinaigrette

Turkey Club: Turkey, bacon, mozzarella, chopped lettuce and tomato, mayo, Red Wine Vinaigrette

Beef Bacon & Cheddar: Roast beef, bacon, cheddar, chopped lettuce and tomato, mayo, yellow mustard

Big Kahuna Tuna: Tuna salad, cheddar, banana peppers, chopped lettuce and tomato, Red Wine Vinaigrette

Go to for more details and nutrition information.  The Pesto Turkey Torpedo looks to be the healthiest at 650 calories and 18 grams of fat.  The Big Kahuna Tuna is on the losing end with 980 calories and 50.5 grams of fat.

Try one out and let us know what you think.  Here’s a coupon.  Enjoy.

Quiznos Torpedo Coupon


22 responses to “Food News: Quiznos New Toasty Torpedo Sandwiches

  1. Dang!!! That’s crazy. Cheap, good, big. Sounds like a good promotion. I’ve spoken to some of the Quizno’s franchisees and they’re not too happy about the corporate marketing….seems they’re trying crazy things like this to stay afloat amid Subway’s genius ad campaigns and it’s just not sustainable. I feel for the store owners, it’d be tough to have to basically give your stuff away. We’ll see how they fare but I think we’ll start seeing some shops go the way of your local Circuit City.

  2. I’m not a real big fan of Quiznos, to be honest. I find their food not that great. But anyway, the new graphic at the top of this blog is the most fantastic buger and fries I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m just really hungry, but dang! That’s some good looking food.

  3. Despite stealing Subways thunder with 13 inches, it is served on very skinny bread. I thought the sandwich itself was very good, but not comparable to subways foot-long deal.

  4. Wow, good to see Quizno’s really step up to the plate with a true footlong. I mean, sure, the other promotion was good (I find Quizno’s to be of higher quality than Subway) but this one really evens the playing field. The Turkey Club has my name on it. Perhaps I will pick one up this week. Thanks for making me aware of this 🙂

  5. Its especially tough since quiznos tastes so much better than subway – yet the masses listen to advertising and cheap prices of subway

  6. Not everyone wants a designer sub. I for one appreciate that I get full customization over my sub at Subway. Knowing how hit-or-miss differen Quiznos franchises can be, I’m still sticking with Subway.

    BTW, if I want Ciabatta bread I’ll go to Panara or Au Bon Pon or something. Can’t anyone just get a good old fashioned wheat or italian bun these days?

  7. I don’t like Subways because you have to tell them what to put on it, I don’t want to make a dozen decisions I want a sammitch.

    On the other hand Subway stays open during tropical storms and ever category 1 hurricanes which I appreciate cause you can get some hot food when the power is out.

  8. Had one today, wasn’t very good. Also check if your local quiznos accepts online coupons.

  9. I would like to have yalls phone number and where is yall located at i am in wilson nc 27893

  10. Everywhere, USA. Email GrubGrade at Thanks.

  11. I had one yesterday, the turkey pesto – and it was great! Yes, the bread was skinny, but i was full before i finished.
    Subway can’t compare to Quiznos when it comes to taste and quality – sorry Adam – but if i just want a regular sandwiches on regular bread i’ll make it at home!

  12. I had one of these new Torpedoes and it was awesome. Perfect size and great taste. Had the Pesto Turkey. The cool thing about this is that you can eat it on the go with the special bag that it comes in. Revolutionary. Great job Quiznos. And about time they get back to the edgy advertising.

  13. i just finished one and it was ok.

    the coupon online caused some controversy when the dude at the counter tried to charge me for the individual parts of the combo rather than give me the combo price and just hand me a sub (wtf?!)

    I like quizno’s and subway equally well for different reasons. i tried the turkey club. The lettuce jumped out on my first bite so i recommend you keep it in the sleeve if you want to keep anything on the sandwich.

    The flavors were good for the price, i wish there was more bread because i think the best part about Ciabatta is the flavor of the bread. I didnt get that except for the two ends and it was very tasty.

    overall, i’ll definitely go back again for a cheap, filling lunch for $4.

  14. Another reason to love Quiznos. I love your site! Let me know if you want to exchange blogrolls. Email me!

  15. I just got back from getting a Pesto Turkey… the sandwich is okay, but the girl told me the coupon meant I had to buy a sandwich, add the combo and then I’d get a free sandwich. I had thought the coupon meant you pay for the chips/drink and the sandwich is free…. Am I just not reading it correctly or are they just trying to get out of giving away sandwiches???

  16. Beth…
    Quiznos is notorious for not honoring coupons…(esp online coupons). Very incosistent from franchise to franchise. Not great for business.

  17. Ryan-
    Thanks, I can see that. I thought maybe I just read it wrong and I’m standing there, hungry with a sandwich so I just paid for the dang thing and left. This isn’t even the first time this has happened to me at this Quiznos (I know, I know) so I think today might have been the last time.

  18. Quizno’s sux! I personally wouldn’t buy anything from them again.

  19. Sorry, but I was unhappy with the new Torpedo sandwiches. We just at the beef/bacon and cheddar, and the Italian, and we were unsatisfied. The particular store we went to did not provide tomatoes on the sandwiches (as advertised) so my husband had t0 cut them up from our frig. There was no pepperoni so my husband had to have salami on his. For the price of $4.00 each, Subway provides much more food and quality.

    The coupon we printed out from ( almost wasn’t honored because it was too big!! All in all, make the sandwich bigger, with accurate ingredients, and maybe we’ll go back.

  20. Delicious w tasty bread at a great value.However, after reading the fat grams ranging from 18 grams to 50.5 per sandwich, not a great choice for a dieter. Wish they had a veggie option.

  21. I got the Turkey Pesto today. It was ok but the bread was so narrow they had to roll the turkey up to get it on there. Dressing sorta spilled out since there was very little bun to absorb it. Messy. Also, the coupon for buy one with a combo get one free was a problem for me. She did not give me a combo price and a free sub. She added one sub, the price of a drink and the price of chips separately. She said the combo price is a dicount in and of itself and I couldn’t combine it with the coupon, even though the coupon stated I needed to Purchase a “combo” to get a free sub. She said I had to purchase the components of a combo (sub, drink, chips) but not at a combo price in order to get a free sub. Made no sense whatsoever. Cost about $1 more doing it that way. Nifty little trick.

  22. I tried one today and it really wasn’t bad- but it was much smaller than expected from the advertisement.

    To everyone complaining about not honoring the coupon- I would fall on Quizno’s side here saying you read it incorrectly. It seems as though the clear message is if you buy a full combo you also get a free sandwich on top of that. I wouldn’t have ever imagined that it meant the “upgrade to a combo” price from the way it was worded because buying a combo seems pretty standard in all fast food restaurants.

    I think subway is definitely a better deal, and wonder how they’re making money off the five dollar footlongs, but I do also think Quizno’s in general has better tasting subs

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