First Impressions: Quiznos Toasty Torpedo

Hey everyone.  So, I just tried the Turkey Club Toasty Torpedo from Quiznos and I thought I should share some quick thoughts.

First impressions:  Really tasty bacon, cooked just right.  A little on the sloppy side.  The bread didn’t seem like ciabatta to me, although it was hearty and decent.  The turkey was pretty bland if you were to get a bite of turkey alone.  Nice packaging but still messy.  It wasn’t toasted as well as I’d like.  My sandwich maker put way too much red wine vinagrette and mayo.  Very mild cheese, didn’t stand out.  It’s $4 for the sandwich alone and $5.99 for the combo.  Overall it was pretty good and I’m eager to try some of the others.

Here are some pics:

Quizno's Torpedo Packaged

Quizno's Torpedo Unwrapped

Quizno's Turkey Club Torpedo 1

Quizno's Turkey Club Torpedo 2


24 responses to “First Impressions: Quiznos Toasty Torpedo

  1. I’ve heard complaint that it’s WAY too narrow. True?

    Looks pretty good though. I’m sure you’ll be trying out the other ones shortly.

  2. Yeah it’s almost like eating a sandwich on a bread stick. It worked better than I had anticipated but I don’t think this idea will make it in the long run. I’ve been getting mixed reviews.

  3. Narrow indeed, but still seems like a good value for only $4. Can you customize the veggies?

  4. Yeah Evan, you can customize the veggies however you want. The selection isn’t as good as Subway though.

  5. quiznos bugs me because they never put a whole lot of meat on the sandwich…
    seems like there isn’t a whole lot on this sandwich… did you find that the case?

  6. Seeing as the bread is so much smaller than normal, less meat won’t be as noticeable on the Torpedo. Reactions have been pretty polarizing so far. Not seeing much consistency. The sandwich I had contained just enough meat/veggies for my taste…just way too much mayo and red wine vinaigrette.

  7. I always make sure to bring a tape measure with me when I buy my subs, too 🙂 Just kidding, but that sub looks pretty good, although I was worried it would be a bit narrow as well.

  8. I am debating on trying the Italian today.

  9. Well, I went and had a torpedo.

    I got the Italian, the meat was about right for the bread, though I could’ve used some more lettuce. Also a little greasy because the bread split open on the back side.

    I had them cut it in half, thinking I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing, but being that the bread is so skinny, I didn’t have a problem scarfing it down.

    My husband had the Kahuha Tuna and liked it also. Again, very skinny so easy to eat it all. His was also greasy, and it only went through the oven with cheese on it.

    I think it’s the skinny bread that doesn’t make it as filling. The bread had a good taste and texture. I expected it be to crunchy (overbaked), but it held up well and was soft and warm.

    For $4, yes, I would have one again.

  10. What happens when you make a sandwich on a breadstick from Olive Garden? A Toasty Torpedo is born. Ok, not quite, it was over 13 inches, but incredibly skinny.

    I just had the Beef Bacon Cheddar one. It was one pathetic sandwich. The person making practically counted out the pieces of crumbled bacon he put on. The sign says it comes with lettuce and tomato, but you have to ask for it to be put on, or you don’t get it. I did ask, but only got lettuce.

    They are using false advertising to promote this “sub”-par sandwich. Notice the hand holding the sandwich cannot get all the way around the sandwich. Not only did my fingers touch, they overlapped.

    There is more meat and toppings in a Sammie.

    They should get rid of these torpedos and bring back the $5 large sandwiches. That or I am going to Subway

  11. Matt.

    Yeah, the “breadstick from Olive Garden” comment is pretty spot on.

  12. Torpedos are garbage. Ordered a Turkey Club Torpedo today,but what I got was something they tried to pass off as a Turkey Club. The only thing that it had was turkey, I think they were bacon bits (literally, from the extremely few bits that I saw), and 3 small stalks of lettuce (not the leaf or even shreds, I’m talking the hard end part). There wasn’t even any tomatoes. And I couldn’t tell if they even put cheese in it, cause they drenched it in mayo.

    $4.99?! Hell, I wouldn’t pay $2.99 for the garbage that I got. $0.99 ok maybe. Don’t waste your money, unless your desperately hungry and short on cash. For literally an extra $3, you can go to Subway, and get a real Turkey Club. Real lettuce, 5 STRIPS of bacon, real slices of turkey, and whatever fixing YOU want.

    The worse part is, when I returned it to get my money back or get them to make me a new one, they argued with me that it’s a turkey club. I showed it beside the pic ad they had, and they shut up. I can understand, the product doesn’t always look like the pic. But this wasn’t even remotely close to being a Turkey Club.

  13. P.S.. It looked nothing like your pic above. If it did, I wouldn’t be putting it down. Take out the lettuce shreds, remove the tomatoes, and ONLY have a few bacon bits hanging off the side, with a lot of mayo, and that’s what I got.

  14. I tried the Roast Bacon & Cheddar today.

    The bun was rather thin(as mentioned already), and the guy behind the counter even made sure to point that out. He said he can eat two, and I am sure I could as well, but this was for lunch, so I didn’t feel the need for that much food.

    I’m not a fan of mayo, but I do like mustard, which comes on this sandwich. Still, I didn’t get either one, as I don’t like others putting my condiments on for me. I also switched the tomatoes out for onions.

    When I took the sandwich home, I added a little kosher salt and ground pepper, as well a balsamic vinaigrette. This mixed well with my order, and was a much healthier option to mayo and mustard.

    Yes, this in a thin sandwich indeed. Still, I got hooked up pretty well by the guy who works at my local Quiznos. It seemed as if he tried his best to put a decent amount on, without getting in trouble. I had to pick some roast beef and bacon out of my bag, that had fallen off during the ride home.

    It lacked a little in the lettuce and onions department, but there wasn’t much room to put it on anyway. This is a very thin sandwich indeed.

    The most important part, is that it tasted great, but I did make it “my way”. If I let someone else put my condiments on, goodness knows how it would have been. This sandwich is dainty, and condiments could ruin it for you, if overdone.

    Like I said, I don’t mind mustard, and too much would have ruined it, so mustard and mayo together? It can’t be a good idea for most. I’ll also add that the cheese barely showed up in the flavor.

    For a light lunch, my version was perfect. I couldn’t complain at a little over $4. Then again, it would be better if this was around $3, so I guess I could. Still, we all know Quiznos is overpriced anyway.

    I really don’t know if I will buy one again. I mainly cook at home, and make my own subs. If I had a choice, I would take my usual Subway $5 Footlong over one of these, and that says a lot coming from me.

    If were back at work, and Quiznos is where we went for lunch, I might get one anyway. I’m a penny pincher, and like to eat as light as possible, for less, at luch time during work hours. It makes up for my beer drinking on the weekends.

    I’m not going to say “fail”, but I will say it could be a little wider.

  15. I just had a torpedo and i don’t like the fact that they put less meat in the sandwich. I asked them to add more lettuce but the guy told me the sandwich would not hold. The sandwich could use more meat…….

  16. Here’s the Turkey Bacon Club torpedo that I received:

  17. Eric, that is sad. There’s nothing on it.

  18. Wow! That was a beyond sad, Eric. Now I wish I had taken a pic of mine. I got way more meat than that.

  19. I tried the turkey with pesto version, not the turkey club, and I was quite pleased. The combination of the pesto with the Italian dressing was spot on.

    Now it’s true there’s not a huge amount of meat on it, but I did notice something while I was standing there waiting to place my order. The lady in front of me ordered a small turkey sandwich (non-torpedo), and from what I could tell, her sandwich and mine got the same amount of meat. The difference was, mine was only $4, and hers was like $4.79.

    The only other negative was that I ate it walking back to work, and I did lose some of the lettuce & tomatoes to the bottom of the little paper bag it came in.

    Bottom line, I’d give it an 8/10.

  20. Maybe, I should try another Quizno’s. I always believed that there was a standard, even with Franchises. So if one up holds THEIR standard (as crappy as it is), I automatically assume that’s just the way it’s made through out all Quizno’s chains.

    Maybe Quizno’s head office should be more strict in who they give out franchises to. They chance to lose respect with “bad apples” in the bunch.

  21. Just tried the turkey club sandwich. First thing I thought when I saw the bread was Olive Garden breadstick LOL It wasnt bad though, not too filling. I didnt notice cheese on mine either. Doubt it will last, but at least they’re trying something new.

  22. So I tried another Quizno’s, a little further from my work, but I had to see for myself. Turns out not all Quizno’s are created equal.

    This is the new one I got. Much better, plenty of meat, and real lettuce and tomatoes. I can see how it wouldn’t be that filling to some, but I’m a light eater, and it was perfect for lunch. But that is just one Quizno’s, and if there’s one bad apple in the bunch, chances are there will be others. My advise, watch them make it. If it’s not to your satisfaction, ask them to re-do it, or get your money back.

    By the way, I showed them the pic of the other sandwich, and they all started laughing in disbelief.

  23. What a pathetic, measly little runt. While I can fill up on half of a 5 dollar footlong, a whole torpedo left me unsatisfied. What a waste of money. Talk about false advertising. How does Quiznos get away with it? It’s as if their employees get paid extra for using the least amount of ingredients possible on a torpedo. NOTHING like the picture. Burn in hell Quiznos

  24. it is too narrow! you have been warned. It is seriously a bread stick sandwich

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