Food News: West Michigan Whitecaps Giant Burger Promotion

Here’s a minor league baseball promotion that has been getting some buzz.  The West Michigan Whitecaps (affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) aims to gain some extra notoriety by issuing a food challenge.

 The tale of the tape:

  • 5 beef patties
  • 5 slices of cheese
  • 1 cup of chili
  • Salsa
  • Corn Chips
  • Around a pound of dough for the bun
West Michigan Whitecaps Burger Promo

Photo: Larsen/Associated Press

This monster burger clocks in at around 4 pounds, 4,800 calories and costs $20.  If you can finish it in one sitting you get a “free” t-shirt and probably a trip to the morgue.


6 responses to “Food News: West Michigan Whitecaps Giant Burger Promotion

  1. It actually looks like a pretty tasty burger. $20 for that is a great deal! Split it up 4 ways and you’re set.

    Have you seen our challenge? We give better prizes 🙂

  2. I agree with Bear, it is a good deal for $20. Funny though, I saw the story last night and posted it on my site this morning as well.

  3. If I ate that entire thing, I’d at leased want my money back.

    Bear, what’s the size the Belly Buster? There’s a local pizza joint that offers a similar challange. 2 people on a 28 inch, 10 lb pizza.

  4. That just sounds nuts. No thank you, I’ll pass. I prefer a burger to be simple and to the point. That burger is like the entire buffet rolled up into one, or should I say “under one bun”.

    Being that it’s ballpark food, that’s not a bad deal though.

  5. Evan – It’s 20″ and must be two toppings. You’ve got 1 hour to finish it alone. It’s got 1 lb of cheese alone. The whole thing is about 5 lbs.

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