Fast Food Review: Fish Sandwich from Arby’s

Just to be upfront with everyone, I cannot find this item on the Arby’s website.  I assure you it does exist and as fish sandwiches go, it’s very good.  It’s Friday so here’s another fish review.  The elusive “Fish Sandwich” from Arby’s.

Fish Sandwich from Arby's 1

While known for roast beef and curly fries, Arby’s can actually impress me from time to time with it’s menu variety.  I love the Chicken Salad Marketfresh Sandwich and the Jamocha shake.  I also appreciate that you can get any of Arby’s Marketfresh sandwiches made into a wrap.  I have to say, it’s Lent and I promised fishy reviews on Friday’s and I’ve saved this one for a few weeks.  It truly is the king of fish sandwiches when it’s lined up against industry titans, McDonald’s (Filet-O-Fish reviewed) and Burger King (BK Big Fish reviewed).  I did enjoy the Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich but Arby’s did it better.  First off, the fish patty isn’t shaped like a CD case.  The Arby’s fish isn’t molded into a square and it sort of takes the shape of an actual fish.  I’m just not used to seeing that with fast food fish.  At least that gives me hope that it’s a fish and not parts of 14 different fish pressed into a patty.  The fish has tasty breading and a light crunch which is exactly what I look for in this type of sandwich.  Not too crunchy and overwhelming to the point where it disguises what I’m eating.  The breading is thicker and more prominent than on other fast food fish.  This sandwich also contains the standard tartar sauce which I found to compliment the meal better than the rest.  A decent sprinkling of shredded lettuce adheres to the sauce and coats the inside of the bun.  I rarely venture out seeking a fish sandwich but this is one that really stood out.  I must say, I have had this sandwich more than just recently.  I remember I gave it a shot last year and could recall it was one of the better fish sandwiches I’ve tried.  This most recent visit confirms it.  Especially after trying most of the others.

Fish Sandwich from Arby's 2

If I could find this sandwich at Arby’s all the time, I wouldn’t be against ordering it on a regular basis.  It might be hard to track down but I recommend trying it if you do.  The McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish I felt was too small and the BK Big Fish was too dry.  It just hasn’t been the most impressive lineup until now.  I also must add that this sandwich is $2.99 which is cheaper than the fish sandwich at Wendy’s ($3.69) and McDonald’s ($3.09).  When comparing it to the rest of the competition this one is my favorite.  

  • Pros– Really good sized fish.  Great bun.  Nice thicker than normal breading.  Best tasting fast food fish sandwich I’ve encountered so far.  Better value than McD’s and BK.
  • Cons– Fish is too odd-shaped to fit the bun perfectly.  Shredded lettuce could get messy.

Arby's Fish Sandwich CollageTaste:  8.75/10

Value:  8.50/10

Grubbing on the Go:  7.50/10


GrubGrade:  8.75/10  (Very Good)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price:  $2.99

Nutrition info not available


7 responses to “Fast Food Review: Fish Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Is that potato breading? That looks yum.

  2. It looks pretty good actually. I wonder if a tomato would be good on this as well? Arby’s has been good lately, I tried the Chocolate Malt Shake and it was solid.

  3. Wow, that breading does look better than normal…..still I’m apprehensive about trying fish from fast food even though I know it’s completely fine.

    Check out this review Blondie and Brownie did yesterday on fish sandwiches:

  4. The Arby’s market fresh pecan chicken salad and jamocha shake are also my personal favs. We both have amazing taste it would seem!


  5. hey, just wanted to mention… i went to arby’s today to get my usual turkey-bacon-ranch wrap and now they only have the market fresh sandwiches, no wraps anymore. the sandwich was still good, but i just thought i would mention it.

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