Polls: Does Carl’s Jr Cross the Line?

There have been a good number of comments here at GrubGrade concerning one of the more recent, controversial Toasty Torpedo Quiznos commercials.  Some people feel that it crossed the line, while others believe sex sells and there is nothing wrong with it.  While Quiznos was trying to be funny,  Carl’s Jr has gone in another direction with their new Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger commercial.  Check it out.

Does Carl’s Jr go over the line by using sex to sell product or is it just a useful marketing tool?  Let us know what you think.


12 responses to “Polls: Does Carl’s Jr Cross the Line?

  1. If that commercial is wrong then I don’t want to be right

  2. I love Padma and Top Chef…..don’t know why she would go do something like this. Although the commercial is interesting and obviously does what it’s supposed to, I just don’t see a reason for her, unless she got huge $$$ but even then it’s not like she’s hurtin’.

    I used to like Quizno’s A LOT more but they’ve gotten desperate and these new ads really irk me. I don’t care for them whatsoever.

    I’ve always like the marketing efforts of Carl’s Jr. Although they use sex a lot they sure get good results.

  3. Yeah…didn’t Paris Hilton do a risque Carls Jr. commercial?

  4. The irony is those were Padma’s first and last three bites of a Carl’s Jr burger. You don’t look that good and eat too many 1000+ kcal burgers.

  5. I think that it is more of a tongue and cheek comedic commercial rather than it being sexy. I think that they should spoof it now and have a 300lb guy doing the same things. Either way, eating burgers is not sexy, but Padma gets about as close as it could.

  6. The commercial doesn’t make any sense.
    Padma talks about sneaking out of her house as a little girl to get a western bacon cheeseburger. Have they even been around that long?

  7. I’d say they might be crossing the line with the implication that Padma Lakshmi is a “culinary expert” but at least the chewing and sauce sounds were kept to a minimum unlike the rest of their commercials.

  8. I think that was a ridiculous commercial. Fail.

  9. I voted “yes”, but not just for that commercial, but for all of their crappy commercials. I live in Hardee’s territory, but we still get pretty much the same TV adds. Their add are geared towards guys like myself, but they way they go about them, is as if they think we’re a bunch of dumb ass idiots.

    The crinkly cheese paper add with the slurping and chewing was just disgusting. The gruffy voiced guy got old back in the days of the Miller High Life commercials, os he needs to go. Now we get this trendy looking broad, who isn’t as hot as everyone makes her out to be, whoring herself to sell hamburgers.

    Hardee’s went downhill when CKE took them over in the late 90’s. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, they were the shiz.

  10. You should be thinking more about what they’re doing to their franchisees and not their advertising. Sex will always be used to sell. Sex sells everything, but don’t forget about who’s money they’re using to pay for and build the ads. It’s coming from the franchisees who are being bilked and duped. Wake up America and smell the human carnage we call “fast food”.

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