Fast Food Review: Deep Sea Double from Checkers

Today marks the sixth “Fish Friday” review in a row for GrubGrade.  As the Lenten season comes to a close, I am happy to leave the cold waters and back onto dry land.  Last week I raved over the Arby’s Fish Sandwich and this week unfortunately takes a turn for the worst.  I give you my review of the Deep Sea Double from Checkers.

Deep Sea Double from Checkers (top)

Checkers advertises itself as “Little Place, Big Taste”, but the (2 for $5) Deep Sea Double fish sandwich I will advertise to my audience as “Little Cost, Big Disappointment”.  The Deep Sea Double is billed as “Two breaded white fish filets, fresh American cheese, tarter sauce and crisp lettuce on a toasted bun.”  The two fish patties are square and a little bitter tasting.  They were pretty dry and crusty around the edges.  With each bite I kept thinking of old grease being used to fry up these patties and being held down too long, thus drying out the fish in spots.  Other than the slightly bitter taste, they really didn’t pack a lot of flavor.  The tarter sauce didn’t stand out at all with this sandwich.  Maybe if it was a single fish patty, instead of a double, it would’ve changed my opinion.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell if there was tarter sauce or mayonnaise mixing in with the lettuce on the top bun.  The bottom bun had a better coating of tartar sauce but still didn’t stand out much.

Deep Sea Double from Checkers (closeup) The Deep Sea Double places one slice of American cheese in between the two fish patties.  The melted cheese glues together the patties well but never made an impact in the taste department until my final bites.  The shredded lettuce wasn’t very fresh and it was good that the sandwich wasn’t packed to the gills with it (bad pun intended).  Now to the “toasted” sesame seed bun.  Why is it that 75% of the time a fast food joint mentions a toasted bun, it doesn’t seem to be the case?  What is with that?  The bun was fresh and soft and did it’s job holding together the sandwich but, shocker, it did not appear to be toasted.

Deep Sea Double from Checkers (split)

Overall, I think Checkers swung and missed with the Deep Sea Double.  One of the few redeeming qualities is that they are on sale, 2 for $5.  I recommend spending your $5 bucks on the Arby’s Fish Sandwich or the Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet.  Let’s face it though, Checkers will always get by on the burgers.  As this Lenten season ends, let’s forget we even encountered the Deep Sea Double and find a Checker Double Decker Burger to help erase the memory.

  • Pros– Compared to other fast food fish sandwiches, you get more for your money (2 for $5 for a limited time)
  • Cons– Not much flavor in the fish except a little bitter taste.  Lettuce wasn’t very fresh.  High in calories and fat.

Deep Sea Double from Checkers (collage)Taste:  4.50/10

Value:  8.00/10

Grubbing on the Go:  6.50/10


GrubGrade:  4.75/10  (Poor)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price: 2 for $5.00 (promo price)

Nutrition Facts: Deep Sea Double

Calories – 640

Total Fat – 31 grams

Saturated Fat – 13 grams

Trans Fat – 1 gram

Cholesterol – 95 milligrams

Sodium – 1170 milligrams

Total Carbs – 63 grams

Dietary Fiber – 5 grams

Sugars – 5 grams

Protein – 25 grams


10 responses to “Fast Food Review: Deep Sea Double from Checkers

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  2. That’s too bad…I’m always rooting for Checker’s 🙂

    “Little Cost, Big Disappointment”, too funny.

    I think your ratings are too leniet compared to your actually reviews. 8 out of 10? If I read your review and had to guess your rating I would’ve guess 5 or less.

  3. Daniel Son,

    The 8/10 grade was just for the value….(2 for $5 is the cheapest price of all the fast food fish reviews I’ve done)….Taste got a poor score and the overall GrubGrade was 4.75/10 (Poor)….lowest score in the the 44 day history of GG. 25 reviews fast food reviews so far.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever had a double fish sandwich before at a fast food place, interesting. Seems like a good value if you want a pseudo-filet-o-fish. That’s kind of scary that the fish tasted “bitter” though. There’s no Checkers around here (calif), never heard of it – is it the same chain as Rally’s?

  5. Checkers started out as an independent company but now it is owned by Rally’s.

  6. Yeah that bitter taste has got to be the breading.

  7. Ryan,

    Oops, my mistake. It was early in the morning 🙂 Interesting that it’s the lowest rated since inception.

    Nice with the “Daniel Son” 😛

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  9. Whaaaaaaaaat! A Double Fish-burger? Sorry to hear that it’s no good. Loads of potential.

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