I Just Tweeted…

So I’m finally getting around to messing with the GrubGrade account on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter and want to follow GrubGrade, we are at Twitter.com/GrubGrade.  My latest update…some “TwitPics” of the front drawer of my desk at work…I’m a fan.

Chick-fil-A Desk Drawer 1

Chick-fil-A Desk Drawer 2


11 responses to “I Just Tweeted…

  1. I have some girl scout cookies and about 6 packs of gum in my drawer at work. The fact that you have that much and it is that organized… You need help my friend.

  2. Haha…yeah. Honestly though, I just stocked up today. It usually doesn’t look that full and organized…thought it would make an interesting set of pictures.

  3. That’s nothing. I have enough packets of spicy brown mustard that I’ve taken from Panera Bread shops to last me through numerous apocalyptic zombie scenarios. That is, if only I had some rye bread and pastrami to go with them…

  4. Fast food condiments can keep you alive if you are ever homeless.

    They’re like liquid vegetables.

  5. That’s amazing. Someone really likes their Chick-fil-a sauces. What’s your all time favorite condiment (in a packet or container) from any fast food chain? I’m gonna have to go with TB’s Fire sauce but Panda Express has a mean chili sauce!!

  6. I hoard Chick-Fil-A Polynesian sauce.

  7. That is pretty spectacular I must say….


  8. I get excited when Mcdonalds, Burger King or Wendys throws in an extra packet of the hot Buffalo sauce with my chicken. They come in handy when I make my own chicken nuggets.

  9. Mix the ketchup with some hot water and you’ve got yourself a meal!

  10. Yes!! You have proven I am not crazy after all!

    My wife thinks I’m nuts, because I got tired of all the extra condiment packs falling out of two stuffed plastic grocery bags, and organized them in empty chocolate candy boxes.

    I stood them up in rows. Taco Bell sauce, Ketchup(in the order of where they came from), Soy Sauce, Mustard, Arby’s Sauce, Texas Pete, you name it.

    I proved to her that we didn’t even need to buy ketchup ever again, and we went months using free packs, but she gave in and bought a bottle(damn her!).

  11. i second drpep, im like SCORE when i get extra packets of sauces at BK… their ranch is awesome and so is the zesty sauce for onion rings.
    things like taco bell sauces are a dime a dozen though, but they do come in handy when i take burritos to work.
    i have a personal stash of ketchup at work because every other time mcdonalds forgets to give me any.
    i… eat too much fast food.

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