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GrubGrade Weekend Host Switch

Last month I ran into a 7 hour fiasco with switching hosts.  Things have been busy and I haven’t found the right time.  It’s a holiday weekend so it’s probably a good time to get it over with.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be problem free this time around.  So anyways, tomorrow night, Saturday April 11, I plan to make some moves.  So if by chance you happen to stop by the site and it’s on fire, please bear with us.  

GrubGrade Logo


The GrubGrade Channel and Classic McDonald’s Commercial with Willard Scott

For only $1.00 you can squeeze and tickle Willard Scott.  Sorry, slow day. Although this might be a good opportunity to let everyone know that GrubGrade now has a YouTube account. Nothing much to see there right now, but The GrubGrade Channel will be the future site for our exclusive video content. Don’t worry, the vids will still be posted here but The GrubGrade Channel on YouTube will archive everything. So sometime in the future we can bring you a video review from time to time. Also planned is the “Cheeburger One Pounder Challenge” at Cheeburger Cheeburger between James and I. We’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the creepiness of 1971.

I Just Tweeted…

So I’m finally getting around to messing with the GrubGrade account on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter and want to follow GrubGrade, we are at  My latest update…some “TwitPics” of the front drawer of my desk at work…I’m a fan.

Chick-fil-A Desk Drawer 1

Chick-fil-A Desk Drawer 2

Starbucks Contest on Everyview

Hey everyone, I wrote a review for the Mocha Starbucks DoubleShot Energy+Coffee drink and it’s posted over at  Check out the site…lot’s of good reading to be found.


Click Here for the Review

Mocha Starbucks DoubleShot

Some GG Site Updates…

I’ve expanded the GrubGrading System a little bit to facilitate the reviews and what category an item might fall into.  Previously we had “Mediocre” jump to “Good” with nothing in between.  “Average” and “Decent” have made their way onto the list.  From time to time there will be some tweaking depending on what I feel is working and what isn’t.  All a work in progress.  Thanks for visiting GrubGrade and we encourage comments on the posts.  Thanks to everyone so far who have shared their thoughts and keep them coming.  Stay tuned for a new review later today.


King of the Renn Fest

GrubGrade is Switching Hosting…Please Bear with Us

Hey everyone…while attempting to switch to private hosting being able to expand and customize GrubGrade better, I have run into some difficulties.  If you tried to access the site between 9pm and 1145pm est on Tuesday night you may have noticed that the site was gone.  We are a month in and we celebrate the one month anniversary with a site fiasco.  It may be about a week or so before we have the hosting switch complete.  My experience with blogging was born with this site 4 weeks ago.  Please bear with us.  Work is still being done but the site will look a different than before while we work out these issues.  Please enjoy this chicken souvlaki platter as a token for your patience.  Thanks for understanding and stay tuned.


Welcome New Visitors to GrubGrade

Thanks to Adam at Serious Eats, Marvo at The Impulsive Buy and Greg the “Frozen Food Master” at Freezer Burns for the support.  Welcome new visitors to GrubGrade.  Please excuse the clutter or any glaring issues you might come across with the site.  We are less than a month old.  Please stay tuned and thanks for checking us out.

Welcome Mat