GrubGrading System

When the GrubGrade Team posts a review, we’ll be using a 0.00-10.00 grade scale.  Factors taken into consideration during a review are taste, quality, value and overall satisfaction.  

(Note: Overall GrubGrade score is factored against other comparable items.  For example, an Overall GrubGrade for a certain burger should be compared against other burgers.  So a chicken sandwich’s GrubGrade shouldn’t be compared to a burrito GrubGrade.  Make sense?  This way, we can eventually rank burgers, pizzas, salads etc against other burgers, pizzas salads etc)

  • 0.00-3.99 GrubGrade Hall of Shame
  • 4.00-4.99 Poor
  • 5.00-5.99 Mediocre
  • 6.00-6.99 Average
  • 7.00-7.49 Decent
  • 7.50-7.99 Good
  • 8.00-8.99 Very Good
  • 9.00-9.49 Exceptional
  • 9.50-10.00 GrubGrade Hall of Fame

Restaurant GrubGrade Pricing Key: (Average price per person)

  • $-Inexpensive= $7 or less
  • $$-Moderate= $7.01-$14
  • $$$-Expensive=$14.01 or more