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Fast Food Review: Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich from Burger King

Written by John, GrubGrade Contributor

The “Home of the Whopper” is also known to offer up some hefty chicken sandwiches as well.  While driving by my local BK, I noticed a poster on their window for a new sandwich.  Introducing the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich from Burger King.

Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich from Burger King

The Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich is something totally new to me.  I didn’t realize that this sandwich was featured on the BK menu some years back.  Anyone recall the commercial featuring Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish?  Trippy.  This sandwich was something I had to try.  I have to say, this sandwich is pretty darn good.  The sandwich consists of a crispy chicken breast patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato all inside a corn-dusted bun.  The chicken has a nice flaky crust on the outside and is tender and moist on the inside.  Had I not been in a car driving, I may have actually taken the chicken out of my sandwich and peeled the crust off just to enjoy it by itself.  The ranch sauce was your typical ranch dressing, but what I liked was the amount that was on the sandwich.  It was just the right helping of the dressing.  It wasn’t too much where it overpowered some of the other ingredients.  The ranch was applied in a way that it complimented the meal rather than taking it over.  

Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich from Burger King (close)

The cheddar cheese was just ok and a few bites had me thinking of those individually wrapped Kraft singles.  Obviously, the lettuce wasn’t much to get excited about but it was nice to have some thick slices of fresh tomato on the sandwich.  What I found somewhat disappointing was the lack of flavor coming from the bacon.  The bacon was definitely there, but the flavor wasn’t.  If the name of the sandwich features bacon in it, you’d think the flavor of the bacon would be more memorable.  

Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch in hand

While the BK Burger Shots have gotten all the publicity as of late, I’m glad to see something new on the Burger King menu.  Chicken sandwiches may be overlooked in favor of the burgers at BK but you should check out the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.  Overall, this was a very good chicken sandwich that I’ll definitely get again.  I just hope next time I’ll notice the bacon.

  • Pros– Great chicken flavor.  Nice crust on the chicken.  With the exception of the bacon, all the ingredients go great together.
  • Cons– Lack of bacon flavor.  A bit messy.  If you’re driving and eating, make sure you have plenty of napkins.  I consider it a bit pricey at $4.69, but that’s probably because I enjoy the dollar menus!

Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich from BK (open)

Taste:  8.00/10

Value:  5.00/10

Grubbing on the Go:  5.00/10


GrubGrade:  8.00/10  (Very Good)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price:  $4.69


Nutrition Facts- Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Sandwich

Calories – 990

Total Fat – 58 grams

Saturated Fat – 17 grams

Trans Fat – 1 gram

Cholesterol – 125 milligrams

Sodium – 2190 milligrams

Carbs – 71 grams

Fiber – 4 grams

Protein – 47 grams


Fast Food Review: BK Breakfast Shots from Burger King

Unfortunately, the BK Burger Shots left me somewhat unimpressed.  I figured there could be some redemption within the tiny breakfast sandwich version.  Introducing the BK Breakfast Shots from Burger King.  

BK Breakfast Shots from Burger King

The BK Breakfast Shots are simply tiny breakfast sandwiches.  Ingredients consist of egg, cheese, cheesy ranchero sauce and your choice of sausage, bacon or ham.  One of my biggest gripes with the BK Burger Shots was how uninspired they were.  They really didn’t offer up anything new or exciting other than being smaller than a typical burger.  They were very average and I won’t be in a rush to get them again anytime soon.  I felt the Burger Shots suffered from being plain and the bread was a little on the dry side.  I was happy that the Breakfast Shots used a softer more breakfast-y style bun that was sort of reminiscent of a croissant.  While none of the ingredients stood out as being anything amazing, the Breakfast Shots were more satisfying than the Burger Shots.  They come in sets of 2, wrapped up in a tearable paper packaging (see above pics) that eases with grubbing on the go and not getting too messy.  The problem with the packaging is that it almost requires you to grip down on the sandwiches to tear them apart from one another.  The extra soft bread takes a hit and you end up with sandwiches that look like they’ve been stepped on.

  • BK Breakfast Shots with Sausage:  The sausage version of the Breakfast Shot was the most filling of the 3 meat choices.  Also because of the added size, this version also packed more flavor than the others.  The sausage was a good size and it overlapped the tiny bun in some areas.  It wasn’t overly greasy.  My favorite of the 3.
Sausage BK Breakfast Shot

Sausage BK Breakfast Shot

  • BK Breakfast Shots with Bacon:  The bacon version was flavorful but I was let down the most by this one.  There wasn’t much bacon at all so the tiny sandwich was consumed by bread, egg and cheese.  The bacon was a little too chewy for my liking but there wasn’t enough of it (barely 2 small pieces) to get too bothered.  I don’t think the cheesy ranchero sauce went as well with this one as it did on the others.  My second favorite of the 3.
Bacon BK Breakfast Shot

Bacon BK Breakfast Shot

  • BK Breakfast Shots with Ham:  My least favorite of the 3 meat choices.  The ham was a little on the cold side, as if some cold cuts were thrown in there.  I would’ve preferred the ham to have a bit of a crisp to it.  So my experience felt like a warm breakfast sandwich with not so warm ham.  Some BK menus still have the $1.00 Ham Omelette Sandwich so if you can find that, get that instead if you’re craving ham.  My least favorite of the 3.
Ham BK Breakfast Shot

Ham BK Breakfast Shot

While not as disappointing as the BK Burger Shots, the Breakfast Shots as a whole didn’t live up to the hype.  Was there hype?  I don’t know.  I don’t think these Burger Shots and Breakfast Shots were marketed too well.  It doesn’t matter much because they turned out to be nothing too special anyways.  The Sausage Breakfast shot was the best out of the 3.  For the most part, they were good but I probably won’t be getting them again.  I’m looking forward to Burger King getting passed this “mini” phase and on to something else.

  • Pros– Bite-sized.  Decent portion of egg.  Tasty, almost croissant-like bread.  3 choices (sausage, bacon, ham)  $1.50 for 2.  Easy to eat on the run.
  • Cons– Better breakfast options available on the BK menu.  Too gimmicky.  Packaging could be better.  Ranchero cheese sauce was basically just cheese sauce with a fancy name.

Taste: 7.50/10

Value: 8.00/10

Grubbing on the Go: 8.00/10


GrubGrade:  7.75/10  Sausage BK Breakfast Shot  (Good)

GrubGrade:  7.50/10  Bacon BK Breakfast Shot  (Good)

GrubGrade:  6.75/10  Ham BK Breakfast Shot  (Average)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price: $1.50 for 2


Nutrition Facts – (pending)

Fast Food Review: BK Burger Shots from Burger King

Lately it seems as though smaller is more fashionable in the fast food world.  Last month I posted some brief observations on the mini burger craze.  While places like White Castle and Krystal have specialized in mini burgers for years, the mainstream haven’t caught on until now.  Burger King looks to hop on the bandwagon with their new BK Burger Shots.

BK Burger Shots from Burger King (box)The BK Burger Shots come in sizes of 2 for $1.39 or a 6 pack for $4.09.  While I’m a big fan of the Burger King Whopper Jr., I’ve never been wowed with their standard hamburger.  That feeling has translated into my impressions of the new Burger Shots.  The concept is as simple as you’d expect, it’s the BK standard hamburger shrunken down.  When you open the box you’ll see that all the mini burgers are attached to one another.  I figure the reason for this is to ease the cooking of the burger and baking the bread.  So right off the bat you have to start tearing each burger from it’s attached state.  Burger King provides a nifty diagram on the box if the concept is difficult to grasp (give us some credit BK).  The burger is your typical flame-broiled beef patty topped with ketchup, mustard and pickles.  The novelty of the burgers being mini wore off within a few seconds for me.  Sure the flame-broiled patty is tasty, not too greasy and satisfying but it’s way too plain and simple to be worth getting again and again.  Towards the conclusion of my meal, I ended up making mini Rodeo burgers (BBQ sauce and onion rings).  I think Burger King should’ve used a different bread to mix things up.  Jack in the Box uses a specialty bread for their new Mini Sirloin Burgers and that’s a nice touch.

BK Burger Shots from Burger King (6pk)It’s true that mini burgers at BK appeared over 20 years ago; they came and went.  I think the fate of the BK Burger Shots will meet the same fate as those 1987 “Burger Bundles”.  They will pique interest for a couple of months and then fade away to make room for another burger idea.  These Burger Shots really offer nothing new except for being a smaller size.  I have yet to try the BK Breakfast Shots so I hold some hope for something greater.

  • Pros– Good value.  Tastes good not great.  Packaging may be big but it does the trick.  Fun for kids.
  • Cons– Very plain.  Bread could be better, a little dry.  Need to tear burgers apart may make a mess of things.  There are better, tastier options around the same price…($0.99 Whopper Jr.)

BK Burger Shots from Burger King (collage)Taste: 7.00/10

Value: 8.00/10

Grubbing on the Go: 8.25/10


GrubGrade: 7.00/10  (Decent)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price: $1.39 (2)  $4.09 (6)


Nutrition Facts – BK Burger Shots (for 2)

Calories – 220

Total Fat – 11 grams

Saturated Fat – 4.5 grams

Trans Fat – 0.5 grams

Cholesterol – 35 milligrams

Sodium – 420 milligrams

Carbs – 18 grams

Dietary Fiber – 1 gram

Total Sugar – 4 grams

Protein – 14 grams

Food News: Burger King Whopper Bar

Is Burger King going upscale?  It seems that way with the debut of the new ” Whopper Bar”.  The initial bar opened at the Universal CityWalk in Orlando, Fl.  Here you can top your Whopper, Double Whopper or Steakhouse XT with any of the 22 offered toppings.  Some of the toppings include steak sauce, bacon and guacamole.  The Whopper Bars will be much smaller than conventional Burger Kings and will feature and open kitchen and circular countertop.  BK has chosen to do away with the cartoonish orange and red color combination.  They have opted for a more contemporary red, black and gray color scheme.  Unfortunately, most of us will not be giving the Whopper Bar a try anytime soon.  BK is planning to only open 6 of the bars worldwide in 2009, one will be in Munich, Germany of all places. 

Whopper BarSeems like an interesting idea that may take off.  I know a lot of us are all about customization of our food.  If anything, it looks to be a smart way of branching out without having to open up an entire Burger King restaurant.  If you are lucky enough to come across a Whopper Bar, please let us GrubGraders know what you thought of it.

Fast Food Review: BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King

It’s Friday and that means another fast food fish review.  Last week we focused on the Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich from Wendy’s and today we unfortunately take a step down.  Introducing the bigger, but not better, BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King.

BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King 1First off, the “Big Fish” title holds true.  There is some pretty decent weight to this sandwich.  By no means humongous, at least this sandwich dwarfs the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.  With a price of $3.09, I felt it was a pretty good value for the size.  I think I’ll stop there with the positives.  Turns out this “Big Fish” was a “Big Disappointment”.  On looks alone, the bun looks to be quality.  Truthfully, the bread is overwhelmingly dry.  It makes the entire sandwich have more of a bread taste than a fish taste.  Maybe that’s a good thing because the breaded fish patty wasn’t all that much better.  It looks like a thick tile you could patch a hole in your roof with.  The white fish “tile” seemed to be a little undercooked and I can’t figure out how that’s possible from a deep fried patty.  You’re better off finding something in the frozen food seafood section than with the BK Big Fish.  The tartar sauce tasted OK, but it couldn’t help the overall dryness of the sandwich.  The lettuce is what I’d expect from Burger King lettuce, limp and pale.

BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King 2

I’ve had the BK Big Fish Sandwich in the past and it never really impressed me.  Disappointing, considering Burger King is among my favorites as far as fast food goes.  This fish sandwich is just too dry.  Catch and release is my recommendation.

  • Pros– As advertised, BK’s”Big Fish” is big.  Not too pricey at $3.09, especially for the size.  The corn dusted bun fits the size of the fish patty well, preventing a mess of a meal.  Decent tartar sauce.
  • Cons– Bun is too dry.  Fish patty is pretty bland.  Limp lettuce.  Bigger isn’t better when it isn’t the most appetizing fish sandwich in the fast food world.

BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King 4

BK Big Fish Sandwich from Burger King 4

Taste: 5.25/10

Value: 8.00/10

Grubbing on the Go: 7.75/10


GrubGrade: 5.50/10  (Mediocre)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price: $3.09


Nutrition Facts – BK Big Fish Sandwich

Calories – 640
Calories from Fat – n/a
Total Fat – 32 grams
Saturated Fat – 6 grams
Trans Fat – 2.5 grams
Cholesterol – 65 milligrams
Sodium – 1450 milligrams
Carbs – 67 grams
Dietary fiber – 3 grams
Sugar – 9 grams
Protein – 24 grams

Observations: Mini Burgers

Mini burgers are growing in popularity.  I can understand that.  So popular in fact that while sampling Burger King‘s latest, the “BK Burger Shots”, bearded infomercial loudmouth Billy Mays appears on the TV behind me selling his Big City Slider Station.  Talk about ironic right?   

Big City Slider Infomercial 1Big City Slider Infomercial 2

Another bit of irony.  They’re called mini burgers, and they are indeed mini, but there’s no space saving with the packaging.  Check out the six pack box.  It’s around the size 4 McDonald’s Big Mac boxes.

BK Burger Shots 6count Box

BK Burger Shots (6)