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Where did you go Arby’s Chicken Salad Sandwich?

One of the best chicken salad sandwiches has gone missing.  The Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich, from the Market Fresh line of sandwiches at Arby’s, is no longer on the menu.  I guess this was done to make room for more roast beef with the Roastburgers.  I’m sure this pains maybe 3% of the GrubGrade audience but it’s a sad day for me.  It’s no longer on the Arby’s website menu and I tried 3 locations recently and they are no longer carrying it.  This is terrible news.


The GrubGrade Channel and Classic McDonald’s Commercial with Willard Scott

For only $1.00 you can squeeze and tickle Willard Scott.  Sorry, slow day. Although this might be a good opportunity to let everyone know that GrubGrade now has a YouTube account. YouTube.com/GrubGrade. Nothing much to see there right now, but The GrubGrade Channel will be the future site for our exclusive video content. Don’t worry, the vids will still be posted here but The GrubGrade Channel on YouTube will archive everything. So sometime in the future we can bring you a video review from time to time. Also planned is the “Cheeburger One Pounder Challenge” at Cheeburger Cheeburger between James and I. We’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the creepiness of 1971.